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Amortizor Spate RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select Air R 205X62.5mm 350 LbsTrunnion

Amortizor Spate RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select Air R 205X62.5mm 350 LbsTrunnionSuper Deluxe Coil Select’s new chassis design brings a stiffer approach to a shock that’s as easy to understand as it is to ride. It’s the classic and unmistakable feel of coil, but bolder and beefed up with new technology to improve performance over rough terrain. Equipped with more bushing overlap to breeze over sm..

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Anv.20X1.85 Maxxis Grifter 60TPI wire eXC/EXO BMX

┬??Dimensiuni: 20x185 si 20x2.10Greutate: 455┬?? si 555gTPI: 60 Max PSI: 110Durometru: 70┬??┬??..

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Anv.20X1.95 Maxxis DTH 120TPI foldabil BMX

ETRTO: 49-406TPI: 120Bead:  FoldableWeight: 375 gCompound: DualMax PSI: 110Tech: Silkworm..

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Anv.20X2.00 Maxxis Creepy Crawler 60TPI wire SuperTacky Trial BMX

ETRTO: 54-406TPI: 60Bead: WireWeight: 625 gCompound: Super TackyMax PSI: 50Tech:ST..

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Anv.20X2.20 Maxxis DTH 120TPI foldabil BMX

ETRTO: 56-406TPI: 120Bead: FoldableWeight: 485 gCompound: DualMax PSI: 110Tech: Silkworm..

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Anv.20X2.30 Maxxis Grifter 120TPI Silkshield foldabil BMX

Lightweight freestyle tire; 110-PSI ratedIt almost feels like cheating: The foldable bead and lightweight materials allow tricks to flow so much easier - without the extra weight to throw around. High pressure and dual compound tread make landings stick at any angle. Maxxis used these technologies and more to produce the Grifter; simply the best freestyle tire ever. Light weight freestyle tir..

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Anv.20X2.30 Maxxis Grifter 60TPI dual Skinwall foldabil MO BMX

ETRTO: 58-406 TPI: 60 Bead: Wire Weight: 635 g Compound: Dual Max PSI: 110 Tech: Skinwall..

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Anv.20X2.50 Maxxis Creepy Crawler 25TPI wire SuperTacky Trial BMX

ETRTO: 67-387TPI: 25Bead: WireWeight: 1085 gCompound: Super TackyMax PSI: 50Tech: ST..

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Anv.24X2.40 Maxxis Holy Roller 60TPI wire MaxxProtection Mountain

Anvelopa? pentru uz urbanDimensiuni: 26x2.40Greutate: 735 gDurometru: 60Wire, Single..

110 Lei

Anv.26X1.25 Maxxis Detonator black-grey 60TPI wire Road

ETRTO: 32-559TPI: 60Bead: wireWeight: 305 gCompound: DualMax PSI: 100Tech: -..

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Anv.26X1.50 Maxxis Detonator black-pink 60TPI wire Hybrid

Model: Maxxis DetonatorETRTO: 40-38/559Marime: 26x1.50Talon: SarmaCompozitie: DualGreutate: 470 gTech: SilkwormTPI: 60Max PSI: 80Aderenta: 3 Durata de viata:5..

88 Lei

Anv.26X1.80 Maxxis Medusa 120TPI foldabil eXception Mountain

ETRTO: 44-559TPI: 120Bead: FoldableWeight: 510 gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech: eXc/Silkworm..

174 Lei

Anv.26X1.80 Maxxis Medusa 60TPI wire Mountain

ETRTO: 44-559TPI: 60Bead: wireWeight: 520 gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech: -..

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Anv.26X1.95 Maxxis Crossmark 60TPI foldabil Mountain

Anvelopa pentru mountain bikeDimensiuni: 26x1,95Greutate: 500 gDurometru: 60Foldable, Single..

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Anv.26X2.10 Maxxis Advantage 60TPI foldabil Mountain

┬??Dimensiuni: 26x2.10Greutate: 595gTPI: 60Max PSI: 65Durometru: 70a Foldable┬??..

82 Lei

Anv.26X2.10 Maxxis Hookworm 120TPI wire Mountain

ETRTO: 47-559TPI: 60Bead: wireWeight: 575 gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech:  Γ?�?�..

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Anv.26X2.10 Maxxis Ignitor 60TPI wire Mountain

Anvelopa? pentru mountain bikeDimensiuni: 26x2.10Greutate: 620 gDurometru: 60Wire, Single..

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Anv.26X2.10 Maxxis Rendez 60TPI wire Mountain

Anvelopa pentru agressive trail riding.Dimensiuni: 26x2.10Durometru: 70TPI:60Greutate:-..

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Anv.26X2.15 Maxxis DTH 60TPI wire Urban

Model:Maxxis DTHETRTO: 52-54-559Marime: 26.5x2.15Talon:FoldabilCompozitie: SingleGreutate: 550 gTPI: 60Max PSI: 80Durata de viata:5..

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Anv.26X2.20 Maxxis Holy Roller 60TPI fold. MaxxProtection Mountain

Dimensiuni: 26x2.20, 26x2.40Greutate: 800g (26x2.20), 865g (26x2.40)TPI: 60Max PSI: 65Durometru: 60aMaxxProaramid foldasble..

130 Lei

Anv.26X2.20 Maxxis Holy Roller 60TPI wire Mountain

ETRTO: 52-559TPI: 60Bead: WireWeight: 800gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech: -..

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Anv.26X2.20 Maxxis Ikon 120 TPI 3C EXO TR foldabil Mountain

ETRTO: 57-559TPI: 120Bead: FoldableWeight: 585gCompound: 3C Maxx SpeedMax PSI: 60Color: -Tech: 3C/Exo..

287 Lei

Anv.26X2.25 Maxxis Aspen 60TPI wire Mountain

Anvelopa pentru mountain bikeDimensiuni: 26x2.25Greutate: 670 gDurometru: 60Wire, Dual..

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Anv.26X2.30 Maxxis DTH 60TPI foldabil Urban

ETRTO: 55/58-559TPI: 60Bead: FoldableWeight: 650 gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech: - ..

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Anv.26X2.30 Maxxis DTH 60TPI wire Skinwall Urban

BMX race performance in a 26" sizeThe same DTH BMX tread in 26" size offerings to give multiple options in the dirt/urban environment. The lightweight construction makes this version ideal for dirt jumping and even commuting. Choose your size, choose your style and choose the DTH. M147PGrooved-slick urban optionLightweight single-ply casing SPECIFICATIONSTire Size26X2.30Weight (g.)650ETR..

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Anv.26X2.35 Maxxis High Roller 60TPI wire SuperTacky Mountain

Our most popular and versatile mountain tire, the High Roller's ramped leading edges roll fast, while the side lugs offer stability at speed and a sharp edge to hold corners. The grooved center knobs provide straight-line control. The High Roller's tread design translates well to all mountain bike disciplines, including downhill, cross country, and freeride.Features:Ramped knob design - front or r..

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Anv.26X2.35 Maxxis LarsenTT 60TPI wire MaxxProtection Mountain

Anvelopa? pentru mountain bikeDimensiuni: 26x2.35Greutate: 700 gDurometru: 60Wire, Single..

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Anv.26X2.35 Maxxis LarsenTT 60TPI wire SuperTacky Mountain

Anvelopa? pentru mountain bikeDimensiuni: 26x2.35Greutate: 1050 gDurometru: 60Wire, Super Tacky..

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Anv.26X2.35 Maxxis LarsenTT 60TPI wire SuperTacky Mountain

Anvelopa? pentru mountain bikeDimensiuni: 26x2.35Greutate: 735 gDurometru: 60Wire, Super Tacky..

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