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Anv.20X2.00 Maxxis Creepy Crawler 60TPI wire SuperTacky Trial BMX

ETRTO: 54-406TPI: 60Bead: WireWeight: 625 gCompound: Super TackyMax PSI: 50Tech:ST..

97 Lei

Anv.20X2.30 Maxxis Grifter 60TPI dual Skinwall foldabil MO BMX

ETRTO: 58-406 TPI: 60 Bead: Wire Weight: 635 g Compound: Dual Max PSI: 110 Tech: Skinwall..

116 Lei

Anv.26X1.25 Maxxis Detonator black-grey 60TPI wire Road

ETRTO: 32-559TPI: 60Bead: wireWeight: 305 gCompound: DualMax PSI: 100Tech: -..

75 Lei

Anv.26X1.50 Maxxis Detonator black-pink 60TPI wire Hybrid

Model: Maxxis DetonatorETRTO: 40-38/559Marime: 26x1.50Talon: SarmaCompozitie: DualGreutate: 470 gTech: SilkwormTPI: 60Max PSI: 80Aderenta: 3 Durata de viata:5..

79 Lei

Anv.26X1.80 Maxxis Medusa 120TPI foldabil eXception Mountain

ETRTO: 44-559TPI: 120Bead: FoldableWeight: 510 gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech: eXc/Silkworm..

155 Lei

Anv.26X2.00 Maxxis Larsen MiMo 60TPI wire Mountain

Dimensiuni:┬??26x2.00Greutate:┬??580gTPI:┬??60Max PSI:┬??65Durometru:┬??70a..

75 Lei

Anv.26X2.10 Maxxis Ignitor 60TPI foldabil Mountain

ETRTO: 47-559TPI: 60Bead: FoldableWeight: 575gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Color: -Tech: -..

119 Lei

Anv.26X2.20 Maxxis Holy Roller 60TPI wire Mountain

ETRTO: 52-559TPI: 60Bead: WireWeight: 800gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech: -..

108 Lei

Anv.26X2.25 Maxxis Aspen 120TPI foldabil Mountain

Anvelopa pentru mountain bikeDimensiuni: 26x2.25Greutate: 535 gDurometru: 120Foldable, Dual..

155 Lei

Anv.26X2.30 Maxxis DTH 60TPI wire Urban

ETRTO: 55/58-559TPI: 60Bead: WireWeight: 730gCompound: SingleMax PSI: 65Tech: -..

127 Lei

Anv.26X2.40 Maxxis Minion DHR II EXO ST 60TPI foldabil Mountain

ETRTO: 61-559TPI: 60Bead: FoldableWeight: 895gCompound: Super TackyMax PSI: 65Color: -Tech: St/Exo..

164 Lei

Anv.26X2.40 Maxxis Shorty 60TPI wire SuperTacky Downhill

ETRTO: 61-559TPI: 60Bead: WireWeight: 1215gCompound: Super TackyMax PSI: 65Tech: ST..

183 Lei

Anv.26X2.50 Maxxis Minion DHF ST EXO 60TPI foldabil Downhill

ETRTO: 55/59-559TPI: 60Bead: FoldableWeight: 940gCompound:  SingleMax PSI: 65Color: -Tech: St/Exo..

171 Lei

Anv.26X4.80 Maxxis Minion FBF EXO TR 120TPI foldabil Fat Bike

ETRTO: 122-559TPI: 120Bead: FoldableWeight: 1645gCompound: DualMax PSI: 20Tech: Exo/Tr..

415 Lei

Anv.27.5X1.50 Maxxis Detonator 60TPI wire Hybrid

Size:27.5X1.50TPI:60BeadWireETRTO:40-584Weight:480 gCompound:SingleMax PSI:80Tech:-Colour:Black..

99 Lei

Anv.27.5X2.10 Maxxis Aspen TR 120TPI dual foldabil Mountain

ETRTO: 52-584 TPI: 120 Bead: Foldable Weight: 550g Compound: Dual Max PSI: 60 Color: - Tech: TR..

155 Lei

Anv.27.5X2.20 Maxxis Ikon EXO TR dual 60TPI foldabil Mountain

Size:27.5X2.20TPI:120BeadFoldabilETRTO:56-584Weight:600 gCompound:3C MAXX SPEEDMax PSI:60Tech:3C/EXO/TRColour:Black..

175 Lei

Anv.27.5X2.25 Maxxis Ardent EXO 60TPI foldabil Mountain

The do-it-all trail tireAn aggressive tread in high-volume casing, designed with great traction in mind. The Ardent doesn't forget the racer with large block-style side knobs offering numerous edges for high-speed cornering. The center tread, while ideal for braking and accelerating traction, also features ramped knobs to minimize rolling resistance. With a wide variety of size offerings, the Arde..

152 Lei

Anv.27.5X2.25 Maxxis Crossmark II EXO TR 60TPI 2C foldabil Mountain

ETRTO: 57-584TPI: 60Bead: FoldableWeight: 735gCompound: DualMax PSI: 60Color: -Tech: EXO/TR..

175 Lei

Anv.27.5X2.30 Maxxis Minion DHF EXO TR 60TPI dual foldabil Mountain

Size:27.5X2.30TPI:60BeadFoldabilETRTO:58-584Weight:870 gCompound:3C MAXX SPEEDMax PSI:60Tech:3C/EXO/TRColour:Black..

175 Lei

Anv.27.5X2.50 Maxxis Minion DHF 3C EXO TR 60TPI foldabil Downhill

ETRTO: 63-584TPI: 60Bead: FoldableWeight: 980gCompound: 3c Maxx GripMax PSI: 50Color: -Tech: 3c/Exo/Tr..

226 Lei