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Liqui Moly

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Solutie Anti Pana Tyre Fix Liqui Moly

BIKE TYRE FIX, 75 ML Special combination of active ingredients for first aid on flat tires without unmounting. Repairs flat tires without having to remove tire.Not usable on slit inner tubes, tires with lateral slits or when tire has slipped off of rim.For first aid for tire punctures on bicycle tires from 12 to 29 inches. For tubeless and standard bicycle tires.Can be used for all common bic..

20 Lei

Solutie Liqui Moly Bike Cleaner 1000 ml Bidon Plastic

BIKE CLEANER, 1 LITER Highly effective, biodegradable bike cleaner. Especially designed for extremely dirty bikes. Quickly dissolves and removes mud, dirt, dust, leaves, etc. Leaves no greasy residues and has no influence on braking effect. Areas of applicationFor complete cleaning of bikes and carbon parts. Also suitable for e-bikes.ApplicationWash off coarse dirt with a water jet...

52 Lei

Spray Liqui Moly Curatare Lant si Frane

Specially developed cleaner with selected solvent combinations for fast, easy cleaning and degreasing structural parts in the two-wheel sector. Properties:high proportion of active componentsabsolutely free of chlorineoptimum penetration capacitylow surface tensiondissolves resin and tar-type residuescontrolled evaporation free of residuesleaves no residuesoptimizes economical useremoves oil ..

57 Lei

Spray Ungere Lant Liqui Moly

BIKE CHAIN SPRAY, 200 ML / 400ML Universal long term lubricant for bike chains for moist and dirty as well as dry and dusty conditions. Displaces moisture, water repelling effect, ensures particularly smooth operation.Excellent penetration and adhesion. Protects all metal parts against corrosion. Neutral in contact with plastics, paint and metals. Vegetable base ensures biodegradability. ..

40 Lei

Ulei Ungere Lant Conditii Umede Wet Lube Liqui Moly

BIKE CHAIN OIL WET LUBE, 100 MLExcellent long term lubricant with nano-technology for bike chains, especially developed for moist and dirty conditions. Ensures particularly smooth operation.Protects all metal parts against corrosion. Neutral in contact with plastics, paint and metals. Vegetable base to prevent environmental pollution. Areas of applicationEspecially for lubrication and care of..

45 Lei

Ulei Ungere Lant Conditii Uscate Dry Lube Liqui Moly

BIKE CHAIN OIL DRY LUBE, 100 ML Outstanding long-lasting lubricant for the bicycle chain. Specially designed for dry and dusty conditions. Contains a selected combination of active ingredients thatoffer extreme wear protection as well as high penetration and adhesive properties. Tangibly reduces the friction of the chain and ensures particularly quiet operation. Areas of applicationSpeci..

45 Lei